About Us

Hindh Realty is an integrated 21st century real estate company. It is all set to re-define professionalism & is poised to bring about a positive transformation in the way people play, live and work . Our mandate is simple & we're dedicated in creating a brighter tomorrow. Through our expertise, reliability and quality, we're developing a legacy that will stand the test of time.

We believe that only one mantra for success is: Trust. As we peep into the future, By developing sustainable communities, we're providing the canvas for people to thrive for generations to come. Enabling them to get the most out of the experiences life has to offer, secure in the knowledge that, with Hindh Realty, they have made a responsible choice. With total clarity of thought and a vision for how things should be, Hindh Realty leads by example, building trust that will help transform the lives of people.

We as one of the leading land developers and builders in across Bangalore we understand that our role is to create peace of mind by creating an effortless,stress free environment that ensures that the client receives what they want, each time - every time with a high quality.

We aim to create environments based on shared beliefs, between us and our customers, and between all the individuals who form the vibrant Hindh Realty communities.



To change the way communities are developed forever, working in harmony with nature, not replacing it.

To nurture the potential in everyone and protect the planet's precious, finite resources from exploitation.



To develop beautiful,sustainable environments for individuals & businesses to flourish for years to come, enabling more fulfilling lives.

We'll always strive to improve the way we do things, but never overstretch ourselves and compromise on quality.


Do the right thing, the right way.

We strive with utmost dedication to create a brighter and happier future.It's purity is reflected in the transparency we bring to business, leading by example to help transform the real estate industry.

Clarity of vision guides us, ensuring we always take an ethical and responsible approach to the communities we create, communities built for an eternity.


Where people can live, work and play smart. This credo combined with uncompromising values, customer-centricity and transparency in business operations,has placed it among the most.


Achievement and accomplishment are among the most satisfying pleasures of all. Finishing a project on time and within budget, improving product and service quality, outshining the competition with a new idea, all these give delight and define success. Keeping this as the strategy for our coming years,we are poised to scale up our project execution and marketing capabilities at an aggressive pace and unlock the underlying potential of our Company.

Syed Parveez Ahmed



Mr.Syed Parveez Ahmed specializes in putting new ideal structures for residential & commercial project, He has worked on some very unique & high profile project in the industry.

Syed Parveez Ahmed's faith in our family strives to build sustainable relationship with other through clear communication and respect.


Aftab Khan

Managing Director

Managing Director

Mr.Aftab Khan, well educated & over 12 years experience in working on both Residential & commercial projects, He has the ability to both design & construct the projects - Saving customers time and money.

Aftab Khan, known for his ability to multi task,Strong problem solving skills and his dedication to customer satisfaction.


Asha Rani V



Asha Rani V, Provides strategic direction and control to the finance & accounts of Hindh Realty, Her strengths include financial management, strategic planning, business restructuring, risk management & merger.


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